The Heart Attack Grill Cardiac Drill

Las Vegas is not really known as a relaxing holiday spot. With lots of bright flashing lights, people gambling their savings away, Paul Anka shows and summertime temperatures of over 100˚ F, it would probably be considered a health hazard rather than a place to chill out and de-stress. So it is not all that surprising that Las Vegas is home to The Heart Attack Grill, that proudly warns customers, “This establishment is bad for your health.”

Last week, the restaurant made good on its claim and nearly claimed the life of one of its patrons. Last Exit to Reality sent a team overnight to investigate. A customer at the restaurant (whose name is being withheld at the moment) was eating a 6,000-calorie burger called the “Triple Bypass Burger” and was stricken with a heart attack. Although some of the diners there thought it was a promotional act, Last Exit can confirm that we spoke to the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue department and they confirmed that a man with heart attack symptoms was indeed taken from the Heart Attack Grill to the hospital.

Jon Basso, owner of the Heart Attack Grill, who calls himself Dr. Jon, said that they pride themselves in their marketing slogans such as “Taste worth dying for” and “Our food can kill you.” Dr. Jon is candid about the fact that his food is not healthy.
“I am here to tell you straight out I am here to make a buck” he said to a local news team, “anything that is legal that you want to eat or drink that’s fun, that enriches your life at the moment, I will sell it to you.” Dr Jon went on to add, “Who doesn’t want to risk a little danger every once in a while. If I can put danger back into hamburgers, all the better.”

His waitresses are dressed as nurses and diners wear hospital gowns. The place has the feel of somewhere you would go to eat yourself to death. The quadruple stacked burgers can have a kilo of beef and up to 20 slices of bacon. You can also order “flat-liner fries” cooked in pure lard and purchase non-filter cigarettes at the counter.

One Heart Attack Grill customer interviewed said “Every once in a while you have to indulge, so we thought we would indulge today.” He sat on one of the heavily reinforced chairs and dug into a “Triple by-pass burger.”

On Saturday night last week, the reality of what eating one of these monsters  can lead to hit home when another man, eating a Triple Bypass burger, suddenly seemed like he needed one. Waitress Tracy Chamberlin called 911.
“I am nowhere near a nurse,” Tracy said. “I just play one when I come to work.” The ambulance got there fast.
“People were taking pictures,” nurse Chamberlin recalled. “I had people ask me, ‘Is this a stunt, do you do this on a regular basis?’ “No, it’s not a stunt, this is for real, this man is sick.”

Last Exit phoned a few  cardiologists to ask if one hamburger — even one as massive as this — could actually cause a heart attack.
One famous cardiologist, said, “I don’t think hamburger bite or eating a whole hamburger can give you a heart attack, but seeing one of these might.”

We confirmed that the man in question left without paying for his Triple Bypass Burger. The restaurant is happy to chalk up the expense to “promotions” where as other restaurants would use petty cash to pay for the meal.
The Heart attack Grill is now a bit worried that people with suicidal tendencies my now try to have lunch daily at their establishment.

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2 thoughts on “The Heart Attack Grill Cardiac Drill

    • Hi Anonymous,
      While your statement “you get what you wish for” is a bit cliche, it is nevertheless true in some respects. I do not see how the second part of your statement fits in with the first though.
      Also, the guy in question here did not die. He is doing well and recovering at this very moment.

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