Military Intelligence – Or Total Lack Of?

Imagine you had that really cool job that you had always wanted. It was fun and exciting and the best part is you had a salary of £50,000 a year. Pretty comfortable for a lot of people and more than many people will ever make in a year. If you work for 35 years, invest and save wisely, you will have a pension that will allow you to move to Spain and live on the beach when you retire.

But imagine for a moment, that you had to work one hundred and twenty-five thousand years. Ok, even with some super high quality beauty products, a couple of hundred face lifts and some seriously strong vitamin supplements, the idea is ridiculous. But if it were possible to live and work that long you would have earned 6 billion pounds. A tidy sum, and one hell of a retirement fund.

This is the amount of money  that the UK Ministry of Defence has “misplaced” in unaccounted for equipment. How does one misplace 6 billion pounds in equipment? Did it slip under the couch? Did a whole bunch of soldiers forget where they parked the tank? This is a move that is categorically placed under the title of “Military Intelligence”. MI6 Billion ~ The not-so-secret service performed by the British Government. Some accounts actually put the number as high as 10 billion. How the government can account for a £4 billion discrepancy is anyone’s guess. Maybe education isn’t what it used to be. Mind you, this is not what they have misplaced since the Battle of Trafalgar, but in the last 5 years.

Who watches these idiots anyway? Why is there not a massive public demonstration? Those in the military should be rising up against this. That little amount of cash could pay the salaries of 125,000 people. Or get then the equipment they badly need while engaged in overseas occupations (let’s face it, that is what is currently going on). In fact, maybe that is why they have no equipment.

You have to ask yourself who is squirreling away a couple of tanks and rocket launchers, or who is giving the stuff away in exchange for favors.
But the squandering of your tax money doesn’t end there. On a daily basis decisions are made without thinking things through at all. “It sounds like a jolly good idea” is what many MP’s say before realizing a year later (and £2 billion) that they didn’t factor in, well, anything.

The previous Labour government was responsible for a series of botched IT projects that has left taxpayers with a bill of more than £26 billion for computer systems that have suffered severe delays, ran millions of pounds over budget or have been canceled altogether. That is actually more than enough money to buy every person in the UK a brand new top end laptop.

A failed secret service IT project in 2008 cost £24.4 million after contractor delays and disagreements with an unnamed supplier. The government abandoned the second phase of the Scope IT project which was supposed to have been a scheme to create collaboration between British security and intelligence agencies.

Intelligence? That word keeps coming up in the same sentence as “lost £xxx billion”. That doesn’t sound all that intelligent to me.

Update :: 19 minutes after posting this article a white van with tinted windows pulled up and parked outside of my house. I will go out now and see if I can slip away from them. If you don’t hear from me for a bit I’ll be in Venezuela.

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