The British Obsession With Pippa’s Bum

The Brits are completely obsessed with Pippa Middleton’s ass. That’s right. Who the hell is she, you ask? If you don’t live in the UK, you probably have no idea. She is the sister of the new princess, The Duchess of Cambridge. The one who just got married to Prince William. (See here) And it seems that her bum is not only worthy of water cooler conversations but  also websites, Facebook fan pages, diet sites and “serious” news items. Her bum even has its own twitter page. And on Facebook, The Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society is full of fans extolling the virtues of Prince William’s sister-in-law. If you google “Pippa’s bum” you will find pages upon pages of items.

How can the entire population of one country be so obsessed with one woman’s derriere? Personally I am not really certain. Sure, from the pics that have been posted nearly everywhere, fawned over and ogled at, she has a fairly decent ass. It’s nice but I have seen better. However what is in question here is not the quality of her rear end, but the depth of the obsession about it. One would think that there are no nice asses to be found anywhere on the island, such is the mania surrounding this girls butt.
Ok, before I go on any further I think you should really judge for yourself. This is a website dedicated the Pippa’s posterior. Not to worry ~ it is safe at your workplace, as it’s actually rather tame. So go here, have a look around and then come back and we can discuss it further.

Wow, right? Nice enough, but not all that impressive. Could this preoccupation with her cheeks be related to the fact that she is the sister of a Princess? If that were the case I am sure one would find more references to such. Perhaps, you may question, if there just are very few nice asses in the UK. One would have to travel the entire length of the country to research such a fact, and Last Exit to Reality cannot finance such a research expedition, and frankly, we don’t actually care. You have to remember that this is a country where the nations largest selling newspaper features a (usually very well endowed) topless woman on page three every day. So maybe it is not all that strange. (At least to them.)

But one woman got fed up with her boyfriends constant prattling about Pippa’s backside. It seems she is no fan at all. Maybe her boyfriend made the mistake of telling her that Pippa has a nicer rear then she does or maybe it was the Pippa wallpaper on his laptop. Whatever the case, she took the matter to another level when she painted his car so that everyone could see he has been a total noob.

So will it last? This all-consuming addiction to Miss Middleton’s backside? Probably, but it could be more women get fed up and start some vigilant justice squad and team up to make their boyfriends or husbands get over their Pippa addiction. You have to remember that as a nation they aren’t that demonstrative – Stiff upper lips and all that – so a lot of women wouldn’t actually talk to their men about how annoying they find their guys obsession; rather they may wait until it irritates them so much they snap. Watch out guys, there may be a lot more Pippa Bum Backlash on the horizon. Let’s hope so, i would love to see the tail end of it all.

Help keep us writing. This was an expensive story to write.

Authors note ~
1) While Pippa may be considered a name in the UK, it means “handjob” in Italian.
2) The American English “Ass” is equivalent to the British English and Hiberno-English “Arse”.
Both are considered correct when describing a rear end but not when used to describe a donkey. More information can be found below from the informative video below.
3) After seeing some related material on this subject, it seems that the Americans are just as (pippa) ass obsessed but I don’t live there. I will pick on them for something else later.

And as if you really need to see more; you can watch the Pippa jiggle video here

And now you can even place a bet a British bookmakers as to who will win ‘Rear of the Year’ Pippa is favored to win. Get the Odds Here

To read Last Exit to Reality’s follow-up on this breaking story go Here


7 thoughts on “The British Obsession With Pippa’s Bum

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  3. Obsessing about obsessing about obsessing is unhealthy, “someone”. You should get that checked out………….. yeah, I don’t get what’s so great about Pippa’s rump either. It seems a bit flat and boyish to me. I mean no offense… it’s fine. But for this level of obsession I would expect it to be much rounder and more plump.

    • …it may not be such a world-renowned fact unless you live amongst them but The British and their obsessions are a source of constant amusement. One would hope that after all this hype about her bum they won’t just all of a sudden revel in a character attack of her later on (again, a rather unsavoury British trait– hype them up, drag them down, hype them up…)

      Funny rant!

  4. Obsessing over others’ obsessions is unhealthy and not a little creepy

    HOW much time have you spent poring over the papers, obsessing about obsessing about Pippa’s ass?

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