I ❤ Sluts

So what happens when one stupid cop in Canada makes an utterly inane statement about how women should dress to avoid being assaulted? Well, of course there is going to be a backlash. Duhh! But little did this idiot know that he would start a movement that has united people worldwide. A movement that has brought the world’s sluts closer together in a bond to fight stupidity and misogynistic attitudes.
They are proud to be sluts – and good on them. Sluts unite I say. It’s time to take back the alleyways, the streets, the world.

It all started with what was a typically sexist (and indeed VERY stupid) comment made by a not-too-clever Toronto cop. “I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this.” (duh mate) “However, women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” There were only about 10 people there when he said it. But that was enough. It probably would have been enough if there was just one person there. Little did he know that he would unwittingly inspire a movement completely at odds with his prehistoric notion, a movement that has now gone worldwide. Slutwalking.

Now, if you know a slut, always wanted to be one, if you are already one yourself, or even just a huge fan of sluts, then you should get involved.
“SlutWalking” is attracting thousands of people to take to the streets to put an end to what they believe is a culture in which it is considered acceptable to blame the victim. In a world where girls get labeled as sluts before they have even had sex, I for one agree that it is time to take the negative edge off this word.
Let’s make it a word with positive connotations rather than negative.
The Slut Walkers have taken to the streets in quite a few cities around the world with more walks being planned daily. The mantra of the slutwalkers is simple – something most people should understand but simply don’t; Yes means yes and no means no. The participants in these events are both female and male and some have been spotted carrying placards that read “Met a slut today? Don’t assault her,” “Sluts pay taxes,” “So what? I’m a slut” and “We’re here, we’re sluts, get used to it.”

This is a good place to meet a slut, if you are so inclined, but just be aware that it doesn’t mean he or she will be easy. But, I wonder if there will be one in Essex? The SlutWalk march in London, starting in Trafalgar Square, is being planned for 4 June. If you want to organize one yourself, then SlutWalk Toronto is the best place to contact. Their website is here. They proclaim that the word “slut” will no longer be used in the negative.

“Whether a fellow slut or simply an ally, you don’t have to wear your sexual proclivities on your sleeve: we just ask that you come. Singles, couples, parents, sisters, brothers, children, friends. Come walk or roll or strut or holler or stomp with us” they announce on their website. Join the sluts, bring a slutty friend, become a slut yourself! It’s way more fun then a Mormon social gathering.

And what happened to the silly cop that started all of this? “I am embarrassed by the comment I made and it shall not be repeated,” he was quoted as saying. Ya think? I believe he is lucky if he still has a job. What a legacy this cop has to offer! He can even tell his grandchildren one day.

And the stupid comments are of course not just limited to Canada :: Here is an idiot Brit that spoke up on Facebook


7 thoughts on “I ❤ Sluts

  1. That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!

  2. I perform as a live vj in really cool outfits, and I suppose some people would call tall gogo boots and tiny black dresses slutty, but any moron that tries to make a pass at me when I’m clearly disinterested has got issues. Women should have the right to dress as sexy as they want to with no fear of “…asking for it”. At the core of it, rapists rape NOT because people dress slutty. They rape hotties, fatties, oldies, those in skirts or those in jeans– they do so because they are psychotic and should be castrated.

    If I was there when this guy said what he said, I know I would’ve kicked him on the shin with gogo boots (they’re quite the deadly weapon, ladies…)

    Will march in these boots for real – any day!

  3. I always wear short skirts, because my legs are my best feature. But I do sometimes feel unsafe as opposed to when I wear trousers or something less nice. I think if something did happen to me, I’d feel like I could have maybe avoided it by covering up- but not because showing my legs is asking for it, rather that by showing my legs I’m showing a more attractive woman than when I wear jeans, which I look terrible in. So in my mind, then yes, some women could avoid being sexually assaulted, by making themselves less attractive in their dress (myself included) but obviously I have the right to look as good as I want. Just because you can maybe avoid being raped by drawing a moustache on your face and therefore giving less men the desire to rape you, doesn’t mean it’s your fault for being raped if you don’t wear a moustache.

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