Frog or Prince? Gifts that suck

Never the most exciting of all the royals, Prince Charles, has again proved himself to be rather dull by giving Duchess Camilla (beyond dull herself) a Homer gift* of colossal proportions for her birthday. Apparently, the Big Eared One has always had a secret passion for conducting and now has taken the baton in a surprise birthday performance for Camilla. “Gosh, it was difficult It was extremely embarrassing doing it” said the (never to be king) prince. Ya think Charles? Embarrassing to watch too, I would imagine. Just think how Camilla felt sitting through it. And getting such a crap gift. I am sure she was polite and pretended to like it.

The story goes that once while watching the BBC Philharmonic rehearse a little-known symphony, Charles was encouraged to try his hand by conductor Christopher Warren-Green. They met when Warren-Green was a violinist with the London Philharmonic of which Charles is a patron. So he got a chance to do it. The old friend network. And I suppose being a royal helps too. So instead of buying her a REAL gift, he gave her that.
What a cheap shitty gift. I am sure he was pretty bad at it. But if you must see it, the BBC has made what is sure to be a really dull film about it. View at your own risk.

He has a history of crap gift giving though. One of his previous gifts for her birthday was a handful of plants for her garden and two large, long-haired sheep. Epic fail.

No wonder Diana got bored with him.

* Homer gift – A gift that is given to someone that is really for you. It has always been Charles “secret passion” to be a conductor, yet he gave his “performance” to her as a gift. Like Homer giving Marge a bowling ball.

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