Police Coffee Emergency (Known as 5152 on Police Radio)

“Alpha one-niner, we have a 5152 in progress, code 3” came the call over the radio. “Backup may be required.”

A different kind of emergency occurred in London recently. A Police van was seen racing down the street with its blue lights flashing to warn people to get out-of-the-way. Not an uncommon sight in any big city, you would say. The police van pulled into a bus stop bay, stopping traffic and blocking a bus from picking up passengers waiting. At this point, you would have expected (due to the size of the vehicle) a team of cops to jump out and race to the crime scene. Maybe a S.W.A.T team, all protective armour and automatic weapons.

But this was no ordinary emergency, no robbery in progress, no suspect trying to evade capture, no terrorist alert. No, this was a PCE. It only required the attention of one cop, to go and get a coffee for the weary and overworked cops in the van, too tired to find a legal parking place and walk. The brave officer walked into a Costa Coffee (British for Starbucks) and captured a few cappuccinos and maybe an espresso. A righteous collar.  Word is that some maybe sugar was confiscated also.

It’s good to know we are safe while in our local coffee shop.

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You can find lots of great cop/coffee stories – just google: police starbucks

Or Watch this great video


2 thoughts on “Police Coffee Emergency (Known as 5152 on Police Radio)

  1. Well, I think it’s actually a good thing that London cops now have the option to get perked up by coffee, rather than mellowed down with tea breaks… Furthermore, research has suggested that in the 80s, before the onset of Coffee Houses around every block and corner in London; this non-Coffee Culture contributed in part to an excess amount of time…Which London Beat Cops were THEN forced to squander on harassing individuals who may have a dodgy MOT or look dodgy-backpacker enough to have exceeded a visitors visa.
    Coffee’s a way better past time.

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