Bipolar is the New Cool

Bipolar is the new cool

Every time a celebrity does something new or out of the ordinary, they are hailed as courageous or adventurous, depending of course, on if the weight of public opinion gives their actions merit or condemnation.

For example, no one decided to get stoned and drive their car into inanimate objects after George Michael lost the plot because it is clearly not the best way to say you are cool.
But when a celebrity admits to something, comes out of the closet (what ever closet that might be) or lets the world in on their little secret, then then they are more often then not seen as a hero, a strong and sensitive person. And cool too.

In the 90’s you would find people claiming they were “OC”. Like it was really cool to be obsessive compulsive. Why didn’t they choose to say “I so have A.D.D.”? or “I am so agoraphobic”
Because in the 90’s people like Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Winona Ryder and a whole slew of other celebrities admitted to being a bit (or a lot) OCD. So it was instant cool. A new catchphrase. It made you more like them, without even getting a haircut.

And of course there is the fairly new phase which has become so popular with teenage girls. Being Bi. It’s no secret that Lindsey Lohan and Sam Ronson were an item, and that Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Megan Fox, and Ana Paquin have all deemed themselves bisexual. So why not say you are too? It’s oh so cool. It’s trendy and gives you more choices. Even if it’s just a statement and you have no idea what it means. In fact research suggests that according to many teenage students, bisexuality means being attracted to a person of the same sex out of sheer curiosity or for gaining attention from their peers. But they sure are super cool.

Enter the next cool fad for 2011 – forget bisexual, it’s so last year. The new cool is Bipolar. Until recently, no one even remotely interesting admitted to being BP. Like anyone is going to jump on the band wagon when Jean Claud Van Damme or Sinead O’Conner came out of the BP closet.
Enter the lovely and talented Catherine Zeta Jones. She is pretty, she has won Oscars, she has poise and grace. She and her husband have been dubbed ‘Hollywood royalty”. And she is cool. Super cool.
So it’s only a matter of time, before other celebrities start making the claim. Who wants to be outdone by a mega star? (I bet Angelina will claim this one too) I am sure that by the end of the year lots of people will be claiming to be Bipolar. Why not? It’s really hip. Plus you can be moody as hell and still be cool. Who knows, maybe even Tom Cruise will decide to use it as an excuse to get out of Scientology. It might even make him cool again.

However, there is one small problem I can foresee. Since most everyone will use the abbreviation (believe or not, there is even a BP magazine) then you might end up being mistaken as an employee or shareholder of that now very unpopular and uber uncool company that has the same initials.

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4 thoughts on “Bipolar is the New Cool

  1. Glad this is posted under “ironic/sarcastic”. Surely, there ARE lots of celebrities and famous people from the past, especially in the artistic fields, who have actually had manic depressive illness. Lots of studies link this particular illness to creativity.

    I’m not sure about the whole “being bipolar and/or bisexual is so cool today”-thing, I think that REAL people that are REALLY bipolar and bisexual still fight a lot of stigma. I think it only lifts a tiny bit of the stigma-burden if they tell acquaintances about celebrities with the same tendencies.

    I think we should raise the flag for the new wave of openness regarding mental illness, instead of ironizing.

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