Why you are here

So let me remind you of why you are here.
You were searching for something on the internet that was probably not what you should have been looking for, and you stumbled across this brilliant writing. And you laughed. Enough to click on the donate button. So why back out now?
Last Exit to Reality work very hard to keep the world entertained, and our budget is limited to your donations and leftovers from government military budgets that went astray. Go back and click donate again, and this time, follow through. Even a small donation of $1 (or $100) will help keep us writing. We accept dollars, pounds, loose change, bank cheques, anything really.

If you are unsure, go back to the blog and read it all, you may laugh, you may get annoyed or maybe just think I am crazy, but after that you will feel guilty enough to donate.

Remember – there is so much crap out there online – at least this is all 100% true.

Go back and donate… this time, give double.


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